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As an employer, we're a flexible, positive, responsible and encouraging. We strongly believe in value-based leadership with the emphasis on the fun of work and a strong team spirit within our Juice Tribe. We offer many opportunities for different life situations; Whether you're a student working alongside your studies or a full-time lover of smoothies who would like to work almost every day, we are sure that we have something suitable for you! You can find out more about the roles offered by our tribe below!

Juice Master

Juice Masters are the foundation of our juice bars: proactive and happy salespeople who helpfully and effectively recommend tasty smoothies to our customers. Juice Masters aren’t easily shaken, as they are familiar with changing situations and can adapt to a hectic environment. Multitasking is one of the most important skills of a Juice Master, because in addition to sales, cleaning supplies must also remain in their control.

Shift Manager

Shift Managers are real professionals in their own work – their job includes encouraging and motivating co-workers, placing orders, doing inventories, customer service and collaborating with the Juice Manager. You are not required to have any previous supervisory experience, as an excellent attitude and a strong desire to learn will be enough. If you are eager to challenge and develop yourself and want to spread the energy of our Tribe around you, this role is created for you!

Juice Manager

Juice Managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of our juice bars and play a key role in ensuring the best possible work atmosphere for our Juice Masters. Their responsibilities include placing orders, creating work shift lists, doing inventories and monitoring sales. If you are not afraid of responsibility, this role could be the next step in your career!


One of the core values of leadership within our Tribe is flexibility. We want to offer our staff flexible job opportunities depending on the different stages of their life, so their working hours and location are always negotiable.

Many of our supervisors start working in our Tribe as a Juice Master while continuing their studies. As their skills accumulate, it is possible to advance to the role of a Shift Manager, who is responsible of the entire juice bar while they’re on shift. If responsibility and learning inspire you even more, there is an opportunity to progress further to the role of a Juice Manager. As a Juice Manager, you’re required to withstand pressure and have a strong and positive attitude! It is also worth keeping in mind that your career path within our Tribe can possibly continue all the way up to the key role of a Regional Manager!

Jungle Juice Bar is the very first workplace for many young people. This brings us the responsibility to ensure that their first touch to working life is as positive and supportive as possible. Our Great Place to Work -certification, a recognition of building a good workplace, highlights this; We believe a good workplace is an individual experience which is built through leadership, values and trust.

We’re very proud of the Great Place to Work recognition we’ve been given, and we want to continue being involved in developing the working lives of young people by offering them their first work experiences, as well as their first career development steps.


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