Responsibility is based on trust

For us responsibility means caring. Caring about the environment, caring about our employees, our customers and our team, caring for each other.

We are carbon negative 2021

We start compensating double all carbon emissions from our products

We are biodegradable

All cups, lids and straws used in serving our smoothies are biodegradable

Green, renewable energy!

We have changed to green renewable energy in all Jungle Juice Bars

ResQ x Jungle Juice Bar

Reducing food waste is significant climate action and we work in our day to day operations actively to reduce food waste.

Our sustainability journey

Sustainability is a part of our everyday decision-making

Countries of origin of our raw materials

It is very important for us that our smoothies are a truly guilt-free pleasure. Everyone can enjoy our smoothies with a clear conscience, as part of a responsible, climate-friendly and healthy lifestyle.

We only use carefully tested ingredients and we know exactly where they come from. Our smoothies are natural, and we never add sugar or additives. We compensate for all our CO2 emissions.

Our team’s well-being is very important to us. Many of our employees get their first experience from working life at Jungle Juice Bar. We feel very privileged to be able to make sure that they get a good start for their careers. We want to offer a workplace where everyone can feel at home and that all of us can be proud of. We believe that taking care of our team’s wellbeing is the way to make certain that a sense of caring and good energy are passed along to our customers as well.

Fighting climate change is an extremely important theme for us. Sustainability and caring are based on our people trusting us. We feel it is important to be deserving of that trust.

Jungle Juice Bar is carbon negative

We get all fresh and delicious fruits and berries from the nature. It is important for us to be able to give back to the Jungle!

A plant-based fresh smoothie full of vitamins and good energy is a climate act in itself. Our smoothies are good for you and good for the planet, as they have a relatively small CO2 footprint.

Yet we want to do even more! That is why we are double compensating for all emissions for all smoothies sold in 2021. In practice, this means that we will remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than we produce. Carbon negativity means that we don’t contribute to climate change.


We want to offer guilt-free delicious smoothies that are part of a responsible, climate-friendly lifestyle.

– Elli Holappa, CEO, JJB

For our employees we want to offer a workplace of which they can be proud of.

– Elli Holappa, CEO, JJB

How we calculated our carbon footprint

Our plant-based products have a relatively small carbon footprint. We have also taken other measures to minimize our footprint, such as using only green energy and biodegradable packaging. But like most companies, we still produce some carbon emissions.

Natural Resource Institute Finland (LUKE) has calculated the amount of emissions we produce, so the figures are based on independent and impartial information. The figures include all emissions produced in growing and producing our ingredients, producing bio plastic cups and straws, use of detergents, water usage, raw material and internal deliveries, energy production, smoothie making and waste.

The largest share of our emissions are generated in cultivation of the raw materials, in freezing of certain raw materials and in transportation. Transportation happens via sea or land freight and transportation emissions are calculated taken into account the country of origin of each raw material.


Compensating for our emissions

Our partner South Pole compensates for our emissions. We buy carbon credits according to the amount of our emissions, and South Pole uses them in projects which avoid carbon dioxide from being emitted to the atmosphere. Jungle Juice Bar wants to channel the compensation to projects that are taking biodiversity protection and wellbeing of local communities into account in addition to climate benefits.

Projects best suited for this are forest protection programs, which are sustainably diminishing local deforestation pressure.

Jungle Juice Bar is taking part in two South Pole rainforest programs: the South Amazon Forest Protection – program in Brazil and the Nakhon Biogas  project in Thailand.

The South Amazon Forest Protection – program protects endangered southern parts of the Amazon rainforest from deforestation. Deforestation has been speeded up by cattle ranging, and both legal and illegal logging. By protecting the rainforest in the South Amazon Forest Protection – program, we protect the rich biodiversity of the area and support the well-being of local communities.

More info on the South Amazon Forest Protection -program in Brazil from here!

In Thailand, tapioca starch is produced, the by-product of which produces large amounts of sewage. Open sewage pools release a large amount of methane into the atmosphere, a greenhouse gas 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide. In the Nakhon Biogas project, a system has been built in wastewater basins that captures methane emissions and produces energy through emissions. The project will therefore not only avoid methane emissions, but also replace the use of fossil fuels with recovered methane.

More info on the Nakhon Biogas project from here!


Hand made tikau lamps

Tikau lamps found in our bars are hand made in Indian village of Odisha. Lamps are made from all natural and recycled materials. Each lamps is unique.

By buying the lamps we  support local community and provide fair income for the villagers.

We are biodegradable

All cups, lids and straws used in serving our smoothies are biodegradable. Our cups and straws are made of PLA plastic. PLA plastic has the smallest Co2 footprint of different plastics used by food industry at the moment. You can recycle PLA with bio waste, since it is industrially compostable. We use paper straws according to EU legislation.

Green, renewable energy!

We have changed to green renewable energy in all Jungle Juice Bars where we can pick the energy source ourselves. Electricity that we use is produced using wind, solar and water energy. We challenge all the rest of our partner shopping centers and landlords to change to green energy to fight against climate change.

ResQ X Jungle Juice Bar

Reducing food waste is significant climate action and we work in our day to day operations actively to reduce food waste. In in addition co-operation with ResQ food waste application we have reduced the waste of our vitrine products over 60  %.ResQ application is in active use in all our bars.

Food safety and allergies

Please always notify our staff on any possible allergies! We process several allergenic raw materials in the making of our beverages. We can never 100% rule out the risk of cross-contamination.


We only use ethically produced organic cocoa, which comes from small family farming communities.


Our strawberries come from certified Finnish or Polish farmers depending on the season. Farms are under extra careful quality control regarding the soil and irrigation water.

Other berries

We always use Finnish blueberries, lingonberries and raspberries. Sea buckthorn is organic and comes from Estonia.

Ensuring food safety

We test our raw materials regularly in an independent laboratory according to our food authority approved self-monitoring plan. Customs also do regular testing of raw materials imported to Finland.

Countries of origin of our raw materials

Read more about where our raw materials come from.