Jungle Juice Bar, Finland’s first juice and smoothie bar, was opened in 2011. With over 50 bars now operating, our mission to have the fresh taste of the jungle on everyone’s lips is moving ahead fast.

A Jungle Juice Bar drink is the same as a simple and nourishing meal that you enjoy on the go. We blend your beverage to order, or you can select from ready-made smoothies in a display case. The menu is suited to your taste and appetite: a smoothie with protein and good fats contains up to 400 calories, a light smoothie contains fewer than 150 calories.

You can enjoy our beverages with an easy mind. Not only are they tops healthwise, they are also responsible. Finnish Jungle Juice Bar has grown to a big tribe and for many JJB is their first work experience. Our Hyväntekijä campaign gives thousands of Euros annually to those in need.

Start spoiling yourself with nature’s irresistible tastes!

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